Our overall set-up is with the view of supplying quality products with a long term value proposition that are backed up by a high level of personalized service.

Mountain High Coffee Companies' factory direct supply set-up makes us most competitive in the market place and maintenance of personalized customer relationship in understanding our customer’s on-going needs thru regular contacts and visits are our keys to a successful supply chain void of need to lower the quality of products and service. Thus in your dealings with Mountain High Coffee supply chain you will meet a “partner” with a win-win approach and a long term attitude...


It is the combination of Premium Quality at less than Premium prices that governs the corporate philosophy of Mountain High Coffee Company. To ensure the highest quality we,
  • Select our Coffee green beans under a screening process to enable same size selections, thus ensuring that the green beans are of the consistent high quality.
  • Select our beans to contain not more than 12.5% moisture, enabling the quality to be high and consistent.
  • Hand sort 100% of the beans for all batches to ensure that no foreign materials, fermented beans, defects and black beans remain mixed in the batch being prepared for Roasting and finally, 100% sample test each day's roast production, known as cupping, to ensure the consistency of the production from one day to the other.
  • Use a state of the art on-site laboratory for conducting on-going testing of production at all stages to ensure consistent high quality of our products.
Our production units are HACCP certified to provide assurance of Consistent Quality Products for each shipment.



As a part of our product offering, our Marketing team will help you with:
  • An analysis of your company's needs to identify the quality of Products needed with a subsequent offering of Products.
  • Development of a custom blend if and as appropriate
  • Recommendations relating to the Distribution and logistics related considerations, including plans for back-up and/or on-going supplies from centrally located Mountain High Distribution centers.
  • Coordination of all ordering & supply activities.
  • After-sales follow-up to monitor the on-going requirements of quality and supply.

At Mountain High Coffee Company, we stand behind the Quality of our products and service......Thus our Mission... Mountain High Coffee Company  for a wholesome Cup of coffee at less than Premium Price!!