While it is true that all suppliers of Coffee products do not have any control on the World Traded Coffee Commodity, it is the supplier’s business model and factors such as low overhead manufacturing process; efficient and cost effective supply chain logistics/distribution systems that play a major roles in helping to pass the savings to the consumers...

At Mountain High Coffee Co. we are set-up to extract the most out of the Supply Chain costs, by First being a Factory-to-Our “Distributor Supplier Partners” supplier and Second, by providing a streamlined supply chain to enable us to offer a most competitive pricing to our consumer customers. In submitting a most competitive quotation, we ask that you provide us with:
  • Your blend and packaging requirements,
  • Specifics of your product requirements, quantity and frequency - one time or repeat in nature,
  • Distribution requirements,

......and our Marketing Staff will put together a comprehensive and cost competitive offering to suit your company’s specific needs.