About Us

Mountain High Coffee Company is part of a 57 year old family owned coffee roaster with ownership spanning over three generations. We have HACCP quality certifications with a state of the art processing factory in Southern Vietnam. As a DIRECT IMPORTER we are able to provide the resulting savings by eliminating many of the traditional distribution costs.

In partnering with Mountain High Coffee Co. you as a Regional/National Distributor or Retailer can have access to a supply of quality premium coffees direct from the factory. You will then have the ability to achieve SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS AND ULTIMATELY THE CONSUMER!


Our Distribution System

Mountain High Coffee's distribution system seeks to be as close “FACTORY TO CONSUMER” as practical and economical...For you the Large Nation-Wide chain of stores we can ship Full Containers Factory Direct to your Distribution Centers across the Nation...same can apply to the Regional Retail or Distribution companies that can support Full Container loads of Products. We also have the ability to mix containers with multiple products, eliminating the need for multiple containers for multiple products.  For the rest, whether a regional retail or a wholesaler we support you with a centrally located Mountain High Coffee stored distribution center out of Port city of Savannah, GA.  All of this in taking out any and all avoidable costs from the distribution/supply chain.

Mountain High Coffee Company for a wholesome Cup of coffee at less than Premium Price!!